Pistol Packing Mama

Still Traveling

Mom said:

“I like to go camping. There’s a freedom to getting in the car and speeding down the road. I love sleeping outside. I love cooking over a fire.”

“If I had a time machine, I’d go back to when I was with Frank. We loved our camping trips. We camped solo, with Bill and Rosie, and with Oscar and Mollie. Once we went camping with Lan and Floyd down to a big campground on the Snake River. We slept in the back of our car. They were embarrassed by the quilt we threw over the back window. We thought it was funny.” 

“After Frank died, I went back to that campground by myself. No one else was there. At 3:00 in the morning a party paddle boat came by with music blaring and laughter filling the night. I thought, ‘I need to do that. I’ll bet that’s fun.’”

“When I was married to John, I traveled back east to see Jan at Belleville, Illinois.** I asked John if he wanted to come, but he always said ‘No.’”

“I carried a loaded gun when I traveled. Usually, I hooked the holster over the passenger seat. No one ever bothered me while I was traveling”.

“My car broke down on my trip to Illinois. John had to send me $300 to get it fixed. I was stuck in a closed park for three days. The bathrooms were open.  The police checked on me every day.”

**Mom was 65 years old when she took her solo trip back east.

At 88, she took her last camping trip. Campfire on the beach. Sharing s’mores with strangers. Watching the ocean for hours.

The week before she died she was planning another trip to the beach. She said she wanted to experience the ocean in October.

The explorer in her refused to be denied.