Mama’s superpowers

My San Diego Grandchildren
Princess Meg had a birthday party. It was late. As in a week late because she was sick on her birthday, and her baby brother was still in the hospital, and we didn’t have the Princess and Superhero masks and capes finished.

The Grand Birthday Party
But we got them finished, Princess Meg got well, and baby came home from the hospital.  And we had a grand party.

Princess Meg
Princess Meg

But that’s not the end of the story.

Winter Grandchildren
When I came home from San Diego, after jumping on the trampoline with my California grandchildren (they jump the trampoline much better than I do…), helping with a birthday party, and rocking a new baby, I returned home to winter.

My daughter, Ms. Divine, picked me up at the airport with a van full of lovely winter children dressed in warm coats, boots, and one mitten each. (This is the way of mittens. I have no idea why).

Princess Meg shared her wonderful superhero and princess masks with my winter grandchildren. (Wait, her tired California Mama didn’t want a dozen extra masks floating around their house for the next year. I remember now).

Ms. Divine even got a superhero mask, too. Fair is fair.

Mama’s Superpowers
She told me that the mask revealed her superpowers.

The Story
The next day after she dropped the boys off at school, she and the two little girls were making their way home. They were all wearing their superhero and princess masks. She didn’t tell me if the boys wore their masks to school. I missed that part of the story.

Ms. Divine is often in a hurry.

When the lights and sirens started up behind her, she, being the good citizen she is, pulled over. At this point, I might have taken my superhero mask off if it was me. But it was she. And she didn’t take her superhero mask off.

When the sheriff came to her open window, he saw her in her superhero mask smiling her million dollar smile at him. He looked in the back seat. Both beautiful little superhero princesses had their masks on.

He looked back at Mama Superhero. His mouth opened and closed two or three times. No words came out of said mouth.

Finally, he tapped his hat  and said, “You have a nice day.”

He returned to his squad car and drove away.

Mama’s superpower? Getting out of a ticket.


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