A Moment in Time


She was becoming depressed. She said, “I’m tired.”

I interpreted what she was saying into, “What’s the point of living? There’s nothing for me to look forward to.”

The Plan is the Key

So I devised a plan. I know she loves to travel, but it’s difficult because she does kidney dialysis three times a week.

So we planned. We saved. We rearranged schedules. And off we went.

Partners in crime
A Moment in Time

Motor home Camping, the only way to go…

We camped our way to Arizona to see Aunt Mollie. Her sister and partner in crime.

We drove through Las Vegas. We spent a week camping on the Oregon Coast. Looking back on our summer experience from the cusp of autumn, we spent just a  small moment in time together–carefree, joyful, and absolutely hilarious.

Next summer, we won’t go to Arizona in July. It was 110F. Not kidding.


We’re talking about heading to a Nascar race in Phoenix in March. She’s an insane Nascar fan. And she’ll be 85 years old. Why not, right?

Making moments count

My point, lovelies, is not to share a travel log with you. Although the summer was a total hoot, and for most of 6,000 miles we laughed like we had good sense.

My point is that moments are all we have. This moment. You can’t count on the next moment.

Be present right now. Be WITH the people you’re with, not looking at your phone, worrying about the details of life, or thinking about what will happen in a moment that’s not here yet.

Plan to live your life. All of it. Every moment.

In a small moment, you’ll wake up and be 85. Be like your Little Grandma. Make your moments count.


Share with me, my dears. Did you have any interesting, glorious, thought-provoking, lazy, or growing moments this summer? I’d love to hear about them.


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